Alpha Chi Alpha (AXA) is a fraternity at Dartmouth College. The fraternity's house, which is college-owned and recently renovated, is located at 13 Webster Avenue directly across from the President's House.

House History

  • 1919: Alpha Chi Rho (Phi Nu Chapter). National.
  • 1935: Merged with Phi Kappa Sigma to become Gamma Delta Chi
  • 1956: Phi Nu Chapter of Alpha Chi Rho reformed by split from GDX
  • 1963: Became Alpha Chi Alpha
  • 1975: First Beach Party
  • 1979: Third Floor added to house
  • 1997: The mysterious Great Fire of '97 strikes
  • 1999: The New York Times publishes an article on fraternity life at Alpha Chi Alpha.
  • 2004: House undergoes college sponsored multimillion dollar renovation.